2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

I Had To Say Thank You

As a person born with Spina Bifida, I have encountered many good and bad situations with every day living circumstances. I was recently very impressed with the way situations regarding people living with disabilities were handled at a local hotel that my boyfriend, Torrance, and I stayed at. I have to give them all of my props in this blog. Although they weren't the most accessible hotel I've visited, they embrassed every suggestion I had to make the hotel more accessible. Every single problem that I encountered was fixed almost immediately, not just put on the back burner.

We parked in the designated disabled parking with the no parking zone on the side in order to alow the van's ramp down. It was the only spot we could use. We parked one night and noticed someone had parked in the marked off area and was blocking us from getting back into the van and leaving. We had plans set for that day so I told the office that it needed to be moved within an hour. And it was moved without delaying our plans for the day. Because our issues were mostly with the no parking zone, I suggested that they repaint the lines to make it more dominant. When I made the suggestion it was 11pm. I left the hotel room at 8am the following morning and the lines were already repainted.

Aside from the parking situations, when Torrance and I were first checking in, they told us that the accessible rooms were all slightly different. They allowed us to view all of our choices of rooms and pick which one would fit us best. While looking at our choice of rooms, we noticed that they had shower benches in all the bathrooms but the way they had the shower chairs would mean that the person's back would be to the knob that turns on the water. This would be a very dangerous obstacle for a person to have to transfer in and out of the shower while the water is running... Therefore making everything more slippery and easier to lose control and fall. If they only changed the rooms in which they placed the shower chairs, in order to allow the hotel's guests to actually face the direction of the shower head and knob while taking a shower, the problem would be fixed. Before our stay at the hotel ended, the chairs were moved to the proper rooms that would allow them to be safely utilized.

Every single problem Torrance and I had while staying at this hotel was fixed almost immediately. It really made us feel like we were valued guests. Whereas many times when a person speaks up about these types of things, we get ignored or put off to the side. I wanted to write this article to give them as many props as possible. They deserve every ounce of it. I want to say Thank You to them for making my stay with Torrance at their hotel, one that I will never forget because of their great hospitality. I would recommend this hotel to anyone living life on a wheelchair! Thank you to all the employee's at that hotel!

Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant

And finally... My Ms. Wheelchair America update! I apologize for the delay. I did alot of work to prepare for this one of a kind experience. It was an experience that I would not trade for the world! Although I did not win a new title, I am still Ms. Wheelchair Washington for a few more months. I had a chance to learn more about the advocacy programs and organizations in my community that have the same passion and desires as myself for people living with disabilities. Before I won the title of Ms. Wheelchair Washington I had mainly men as friends. I did not realize what I was missing out on! I now have a number of, not only girlfriends to hang out and have fun with, but women wheelers who I know are there for me through anything that goes on in life. Although I have been blessed with my title, I have had some heart breaking things happen since winning the title. The Ms. Wheelchair Washington program has been there to support me through it all. Now that I have participated in the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant as a representative for Washington state, I can honestly say I have more support and friendship than ever before from women who have been through the same things and are still pushing forward. I definitely am grateful that I have had the opportunity to win the friendshipsof all the wonderful women who are living with the goal of making an impact in today's community. Thank you Lord, for directing these women into my life to help me continue living the calling you have ordained for me!

A Personal Story

As a woman living with Spina Bifida, I have faced many challenges, both as an adult and a child. The most impacting event that I have gone through is, by far, a surgery to straighten my spine, by placing a metal rod around it, at the age of nine years old. The doctors informed my parents that if I didn't have the surgery, it would turn into a life threatening situation due to the fact that my spine was leaning towards my heart. What was suppose to only be one surgery and a two week stay at the hospital, turned into 14 surgeries and a 6 month stay at the hospital.

I developed an infection after the initial corrective surgery. Even though I was under the care of the most respected specialists in Orange County, no one could figure out where the infection was coming from. I started to loose a lot of weight because I could not hold any food down anymore.

Because the doctors were trying to search for the source of the infection, I not only had surgery on my back but my head, feet, legs and stomach as well. I had the rod taken out, put back in, and taken out again. In the end, I left the hospital without the rod that I went in for in the first place. I had my shunt (a tube that drains excess water from my head to my stomach) drained and put back in. I had so many IV's that all my veins were collapsing. I had IV's put in my feet, chest and even neck. I had so many surgeries on my back that I ran out of skin to close my back when another surgery was needed. I was forced to have a skin graph done, in which, I had skin removed from my leg and placed on my back. Then, due to another sudden infection, another surgery was needed once again. I had gone through so much pain with the skin graph, I didn't want to experience that pain again. I then went through 98 treatments of Hyber-Baric Oxygen (HBO) to close my back naturally over a three month time period.

Although I was just a child, I live with the physical and emotional scares and pain from this experience every day. My back did not completely close after the HBO treatments. I still have a 1-inch hole on my lower back that never closed. The original surgery, scheduled for January 2, 1995, turned into an experience that would impact, and remain with me, for the rest of my life in an unbelievable way. I have now turned what most would consider a traumatic experience, into a reason to keep going and be a mentor and advocate for all those living with a disability. Always remember, everything happens for a reason! I am a living testimony of that. Even though you may not see it now, as long as you keep the right mindset, there can always be a life changing, positive outcome in every situation. Be encouraged!

Varilite Models

And once again, another great opportunity has arrived! Being Ms. Wheelchair Washington has opened up so many doors for me. I am very excited to annouce that both my boyfriend, Torrance, and I have gotten the awesome opportunity to model for Varilite Seating and Mobility! It is always a wonderful feeling to be able to try something new. I am looking forward to all that lies ahead with Varilite Seating! Thank you so much for allowing Torrance and I to be involved with Varilite Seating and Mobility, by modeling your great reliable products!

Center For Independence

I was recently invited to lead a workshop for Lakewood's Center For Independence on August 17, 2010. This event is by far, the most enjoyable event I have been a part of as Ms. Wheelchair Washington. I have always had a heart for the youth of America. I have a deep desire to guide youth through all the struggles and battles that I have gone through myself. To be able to mentor the youth who were a part of this event was very rewarding. It reminded me why I have worked so hard to get to where I am today. I look forward to getting more involved with the Center For Independence for future outreach events! Thanks to all of those at the Center For Independence for all the work that you do for the people of Washington state! I am so honored to have been a part of such a prestigeous event!

New State Coordinator

This year has been filled with new adventures from every direction. Once again, a new direction has arrived. When I recieved the title of Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2010, the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program was under the direction of Tammy Wilber. The Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program is now under the direction of Meg Paulsen! After directing the Ms. Wheelchair Washington program for four years, Tammy has decided to take a new adventure and move to Las Vegas, Nevada. We wish you all the best Tammy! You've been a great program coordinator and friend! I wouldn't be here without you! We will all make sure that the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program continues to be the success that it has become because of your dedicated, sincere, hard work. Thank you to Meg Paulsen for stepping up to continue the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program as state coordinator! You are a great friend and I am confident that you will do a wonderful job as the new state coordinator of Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program!


I want to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to TiLite for helping to provide me with a new wheelchair to use at the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant! I love my TiLite wheelchair! It is so comfortable and relieves my back pain that I have had for years. It is stylish, very light weight and easy to get around in. My TiLite wheelchair goes over bumps and cracks so smoothly! I love it! Thank you TiLite!

Blue Path

On July 14th, 2010 I was invited by Blue Path, to assist in the making of an informational video which displays the struggles of those who utilize wheelchairs while being in a hotel living situation. This was such a joyous project to participate in. I have had a number of experiences with hotel accomodations not being completely accessible to my personal needs. My best friend, Tony McCane, has also been very passionate in wanting to advocate for the right accomodations for guests who are utilizing wheelchairs during their stay at the hotels. It is a great privilege to be a part of Blue Path's hotel advocacy project! Not only does it give me the ability to advocate and educate about my personal experiences while staying at hotels, but it also gave me the ability to carry on Tony McCane's mission of raising awareness of the necessary changes that need to happen within hotels across America. Thank you Blue Path for inviting me to such a big part of this great advocacy project!

New Mobility

As previously stated, I am featured in the July issue of Paraplegic News! So far this year, I have been featured in the Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities newsletter, Kersey Mobility newsletter, Spina Bifida Association of Washington State newsletter, Tacoma Community College student newsletter and now... New Mobility magazine! New Mobility magazine has published an article in the July issue featuring both my twin sister, Klarissa, and I! Thank you New Mobility! It is an honor to be included in such a ground breaking magazine!

Annual Get Together

On June 19th the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program held our annual Ms. Wheelchair Washington get together! Tammy, Sigrid, Elaine, Meg, Janette and myself came together for a day of fun at Janette's house! It was such a fun time! With everyone living all throughout Washington state, and having separate goals and visions to work towards, it is not very often that we all get the chance to get together to just have a good time. I just love the sense of unity and support that the Ms. Wheelchair Washington program gives to all women wheelers! I have never had a strong support system of women who also utilize wheelchairs. Since I have entered into the Ms. Wheelchair Washington family, I can honestly say that I have the strongest support system of fellow women wheelers that I could ever ask for. We each have a bond with each other that can never be broken. I will be a part of the Ms. Wheelchair Washington family all the way to the end! I am so honored to be able to say that! Love you ladies!

Paraplegic News

Another quick update! You ready for it? I’m in Paraplegic News magazine this month! It is such an honor to be featured in such a prestigious and successful magazine! They did an article on me, as Ms. Wheelchair Washington! This is the first time I have ever appeared in a magazine! I am so excited! This is only the beginning! Thank you to all the wonderful people associated with Paraplegic News magazine!

All American Girl Pageant

On February 27, 2010 I was invited to attend the All American Girl Pageant in Marysville, WA. It was such an honor to be a judge for this wonderful program. It was an experience that I will never forget. The talent within all the young girls was truly breath taking. All the girls were filled with so much positive energy! Like the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program, the All American Girl Pageant does not focus on beauty. Instead, the program focuses on poise, personality and stage presence. Aside from the contestants, I had the chance to meet a large number of caring women who are dedicated to enriching the lives of, not only the participants of the pageant, but people everywhere. These are definitely friendships that will help me to continue on my mission to advocate for people with disabilities. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to get involved with the All American Girl Pageant!

Tony's Memorial

On March 16, 2010, I had the privilege of being able to speak at Tony McCane's memorial service. Tony is my best friend and a fellow "high roller". At first I thought it would be one of the hardest things I would ever have to do. As it turns out, it was one of the easiest things I've ever done. The celebration of his life was beautiful! So many people showed up to give honor where honor was due. He was shot and paralyzed yet did not let it hold him back. He developed a passionate heart to help advocate for people with disabilities and encourage gang prevention. All Tony's dreams that he had to help the disabled community will still happen with the teamwork of his closest friends and family, including myself. The unity and love that was in the church that day was nothing like I had ever seen before. I am glad I was invited to speak as Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2010 and a close friend of Tony McCane!

Kiwanna's Club

On March 3, 2010 I was invited to speak at a Kiwanna’s Club meeting in Kent, WA. I enjoyed this engaging group of people very much. They were indulged in everything I had to say and welcomed me with open arms. They are all so friendly and made me feel very comfortable from the start. When I finished talking, they all were still interested in learning more about what I stood for and who I am. I had a very nice time with the Kiwanna’s Club and would be happy to go back any day!


Up until now, I haven’t really bothered to talk much about my family, where I come from, or how I grew up. Well, I was born and raised in Anaheim, CA. My mother is Native American and Spaniard. My father is Mexican and Native American. I am unbelievably happy that I grew up in the Hispanic family culture! The Hispanic culture is such an authentic culture. I am blessed to be born into a culture with so many different values and ways of life.
The one thing that I absolutely adore about my culture is the strong sense and meaning of “family”! To us, family is the most important thing in the world! You only have one family. Nothing can ever change who your family members are. Family is the one thing that you have from the start to the end of your life. Sure we get mad, upsetand annoyed with each other. But there are always those special family barbeques , birthday parties, and surprise family reunions. No matter what happens, family is the only thing that will never go anywhere. There is no such thing as being alone with no family around you. In my family, you never leave your family for any reason. Whether we are your full blood family, half blood family, in-laws, step family (brothers, sisters etc.), adopted family, or close family friends… We are all still a FAMILY! No matter how big the family is, it is always your responsibility to make sure that they are all happy and have everything they need to survive, no matter what we have to sacrifice. I would never trade my family, culture and upbringing for anything on this earth! It is what formed me into who I am today. And today, when it comes down to it, I have absolutely nothing to complain about! I have been blessed with a family that can never be replaced!

I know for a fact, if it wasn’t for my family background and culture, I would not have the heart that I have. I have a heart to help people. Any place that I see I am able to do something to help, I’m there! No questions asked. Being Ms. Wheelchair Washington is giving me so many wonderful opportunities to lend a helping hand to a lot of different people. It may be just speaking motivational words. It may be just being in the same room. It may be just a phone call. It may be helping promoting or putting an event together. No matter what, I know I am contributing to changing someone’s life for the better. And that is what I live for!

HOPES Update

Thank you to all who came out to support me and the HOPES Foundation last weekend at the Destiny Classic Festival. We had a tremendous outcome! We had wheelchair basketball games, food, music, games and vendors. I got the chance to meet so many people who showed me nothing but encouragement in everything I choose to embark on! So many people came out to learn more about the HOPES Foundation, how it originated and where it is going. We are doing big things! Together we can go as far as God will take us! I am so unbelievably blessed to be such a big part of the formation, promotion and management of the HOPES Foundation! If anyone wants to get more information about the HOPES Foundation, please go to www.hopesfoundation.org. Thank you to everyone who has shown any form of support for the HOPES Foundation! It is greatly appreciated my so many people!

1 Year Anniversary!!!

Where to start… Where to start… Where to start? Well, I have always been very up tight about the men I choose to date. I am currently coming up on my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, Torrance. The thing that is cool about our relationship is the fact that we both utilize wheelchairs for our mobility on a daily basis. I was born with Spina Bifida and I am paralyzed from my knees down. My boyfriend had a snowboarding accident at the age of 14. He crashed into a tree and it left him having to depend on a power wheelchair for his mobility.
At the end of the day, when both of our situations tie into our relationship with each other, we have many advantages and challenges at the same time. One of the challenges that we’ve faced is accommodating two wheelchairs in a limited disabled sitting area. For example, we wanted to go to a long awaited night out together. We decided to catch a movie. The theater only had two spots for wheelchairs to sit within the selected disabled seating area. By the time we arrived, there was already one man who used a wheelchair in the designated area for wheelchairs. In order for us to be able to even sit near each other on our special night out, we had to figure out how to fit three wheelchairs into an area designated to fit only two wheelchairs. Luckily, the guy who was there before us was a very nice man and worked with us to figure out the best way to solve the problem. It took some creative thinking (that really should not have been necessary) but we were able to enjoy our movie together in the end.

Of course, with every challenge comes its advantage. One of the best advantages that I have in my relationship with Torrance is the fact that no matter what the situation is, I don’t have to be scared or embarrassed of any issue I face. Anything that comes up, I know Torrance will be there to support and encourage me though the obstacles. This isn’t just because he’s my boyfriend and I know he loves me. It is also because he knows exactly why I’m frustrated. He knows why I’m mad. Why I’m sad; why I’m confused; why I’m relieved, thankful, excited, accomplished or proud. Many times, even though I have other people that I know also love me, they don’t see what Torrance can see in me. But its not their fault. They don’t live with my challenges, so they can’t be expected to completely understand my emotions regarding them. Torrance has not experienced my exact challenges either but he has experienced some of the challenges that I have to a different degree. Therefore, he understands me and why I’m so happy that I finally figured out how to get the box off the top shelf.

I am so grateful that Torrance has come into my life! I am looking forward to the next year of our life together and all the new things it will bring! I LOVE YOU TORRANCE!!!!

I'm a Nina!!!

Just a few things I have been thinking about lately. I am totally excited about the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant coming up in Grand Rapids. The fact that my twin sister is going with me as my helper for the week is so exciting! My sister is also slowly getting more interested in people with disabilities, as a result of seeing me so involved with others living with disabilities.

The other thing that I’ve been thinking about is… My twin sister is pregnant! It is her first pregnancy and I am so excited to go through this process with her. I have gone to every docter’s appointment with her so far. I just found out, I’m going to be the baby’s Nina! For those of you that don’t know, in the Hispanic culture, a Nina is basically the same thing as God parents. Often times the Nina is a member of the family.

I have so much fun with my youngest niece now. I cant wait to have another baby around that I can develop my special bond with. I cant wait to be a Nina!

Staying Healthy!!!

At the age of nine I was diagnosed with scoliosis. The docter said I had to have immediate surgery to fix the problem because it was leaning towards my heart. What started as a two week stay for one surgery, turned into a 6 month stay for 16 surgeries. The entire process left me on bed rest for 9 months once I was discharged from the hospital. I had to wear a back brace 24/7 for a year, every time I was not laying down flat. In the end, all the strength I had built up from my dad doing exercises with me since birth was gone. I had to start from the beginning.
I began physical therapy twice a week for strength and balance training. Because I worked so hard, as a kid, with my dad to get my physical independence, I couldn’t just give up. I was determined to get it back. It’s because of this time period that I developed a strong passion for working out, sports and staying healthy. I got into horseback riding, track n’ field, wheelchair basketball and weight lifting. I began to attend the JAWS camp on a regular basis. I now have participated in many three mile walks for a variety of different charities and organizations.

I have always loved strength training, working out and boxing. For the past year I have been working on so many different projects, that I found myself forgetting about my health and fitness. I started working with my best friend to open a disability gym. After a lot of ups and downs, the disability gym is on its way here. If I am going to represent this disability gym, I have to lead by example. As of June 1, 2010, I made a pact with my twin sister. We are both going to support each other in our missions to stay healthy. We are going to the gym together three days a week. Although its not a disability gym, with my sister’s help, I am able to get a very good work out into my system. At the same time, we have a good workout into my system. At the same time, my sister and I have a good reason to get together and hangout in the midst of everything we have going on in our own lives. We are getting back on track to a better life together, physically, emotionally and spiritually!!!!

Prestijess Adaptive Apparel

While being in attendance at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo, I met many new fabulous people! I started going around the different booths because I wanted to find a booth that was selling hats. I approached the Jarah Ala Menn booth and began to converse with the founder of the company, Latrice Anderson. Before I knew it, I was looking at all her clothing products, meeting her family and exchanging numbers with her. I am so glad that I got the chance to meet Latrice! She is such a great woman who is going to high places! I look forward to doing further work with her to help promote her wonderful mission filled adaptive clothing business! Look out for my future work with Jarah Ala Menn Women’s Adaptive Clothing Line!


By now, if you’ve been keeping up with me, you should know that I have always been a huge fan of adaptive sports. It is great for so many reasons besides recreation. It has helped me with making friendships, building my confidence and learning more about my true abilities. The first camp that I was a part of was the Junior Athletic Wheelchair Camp (JAWS). From the first day that I attended the JAWS camp, I knew it was something that would have a profound effect on me. Every year at the JAWS camp was something new. The one thing that remained the same was that Rudy Fibres was the only one who beat me at the track race every year! I made so many “high roller” friends living all over the state of California. Even though I no longer live in California, I still have kept in contact with several of the people from the JAWS camp. All of them are still supporting me in all my missions and helping me in achieving all my dreams even though we are now living in different states. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “us ‘high rollers’ have to stick together!” The people involved with the JAWS Camp are the people who got me started, not only in wheelchair sports, but with associating with other people who use wheelchairs in general. They will forever hold a special place in my heart! Thank you JAWS!!!!

Social Networks

I have always been interested in taking part in different social networks on the internet. All social networks are good for different reasons. Although there are some negative things said about social networks, in my opinion, it’s all about what your own personal goal is behind joining that particular site. If you have a positive goal, mission and outlook on joining the site, it will do you justice!

My first social site was www.myspace.com. It was weird because I didn’t even want to join MySpace. A friend made me a profile and I didn’t even use it for a good four months or so. Once I became active on MySpace, everything began to change! I had the desire to meet other people living with a disability. That is exactly what happened! I now have an account with, not only MySpace, but Facebook, Pushrim and Holdin’ out for a Hero.

I use my MySpace account mainly for family now. My Facebook account is the one that I use most frequently. Facebook has been absolutely wonderful for keeping up with my church family and all my advocacy for people living with disabilities. Pushrim is a fairly new social network that is aimed towards people who utilize wheelchairs and their families. This social network has been such a blessing to me in the way that I have been able to meet an enormous number of people, not only who face the same issues as myself, but have goals, visions and dreams for themselves. I have met people from all over the world who are doing a variety of things to advocate for people with disabilities. Everything from starting their own organizations, rap groups, comedy, students, broadcasters… Anything you can possibly think of is on Pushrim! I met up with an old friend because of Pushrim. If you haven’t already done so, please check out www.pushrim.com and make yourself a profile!

I heard about Holdin’ Out For a Hero through the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State. I am fairly new to the site and haven’t had the chance to explore it like I would like to. Holdin’ Out For a Hero is dedicated to people living with Spina Bifida. I look forward to continuing my membership with Holdin’ Out For a Hero. I think it is a wonderful idea to meet people who not only know what its like to live life sitting down, but have the same issues to face due to the onset of their disability.

In the end, I am a complete supporter of joining every social network that has a positive purpose behind it. If you join a social network with a negative purpose or no purpose at all, you will probably get a negative outcome. I have had nothing but success with the social networks I’ve choose to join. Sure I’ve had my share of awkward situations but when you have a mission to accomplish, you won’t let anything stop or distract you. I simply ignore the awkward situations and push forward in reaching for my goals, advocating for people with disabilities and encouraging everyone to live their lives with no limits. So always remember, life is what you make it! Its up to you to make your life worth living!

HOPES Fundraiser

As Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2010, I have dedicated the entire year and everything I do to my best friend, Tony McCane. He died of a lung infection on March 10, 2010. We had many different projects in process together. We both had a lot of the same visions and dreams. The one thing we both wanted to see happen is the HOPES Disability Gym. While speaking at Tony’s memorial, I promised, in front of everyone, that I would not let Tony’s dreams die just because he is no longer with us. I said, “HOPES will happen” repeatedly. Well… HOPES Foundation is here! We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our first fundraiser is June 5th and 6th. It will be a fun day of basketball games (both youth basketball teams and wheelchair basketball teams). I will be playing some of the games and speaking as Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2010 on both days. There will be music, food and jumpers outside. Vendors from all over Washington state. Special performances from The Truth and several stomp teams. Its going to be a fund weekend of advocacy, achievement and fulfillment of dreams! Please come out and help support the HOPES Foundation! HOPES will happen!

Ms. Wheelchair America!!!

I can’t stop thinking about the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant! It’s on my mind all the time! I can’t wait to meet the other wonderful women out there that are doing something to advocate and prove that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish. All of us can go anywhere our hearts lead us to go with the support of each other! We have to continue to help each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of the other women representing their state’s with the Ms. Wheelchair title for this year! I can’t wait to meet and get to know everyone else! Let’s do it ladies!

Cookie Lee

As I reported before, I have gotten an incredible amount of support from everyone around me. I just wanted to thank one more person, Lee Ann Tuohy! I met Lee Ann at the All American Girl fundraiser for Sami Schubert a few weeks ago. She is a wonderful representative for Cookie Lee. She was helping Sami raise the funds to attend her national pageant to compete for the All American Girl by selling Cookie Lee products for her. We started talking and Lee Ann offered to do the same for me to raise the funds to get to the national competition to compete for the Ms. Wheelchair America title. We have everything straightened out and Lee Ann will be at Tacoma Christian Center selling her Cookie Lee products on May 30th and June 6th after both services. Come out and get some awesome new jewelry and help me get to the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant on August 8th in Grand Rapids, Michigan all at the same time! First service is at 9am; second service is at 11am. Thank you Lee Ann!!!

Nationals With Klarissa

This journey of being Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2010 is one that will definitely never be forgotten! There is nothing that can compare to how I feel now. I couldn’t ask for anything better! I am getting ready to go to the national competition, in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 9th to compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair America 2011. I now have my application turned in! I have been doing fundraisers to get the finances for the trip to the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. This entire experience has allowed me to bond with my “one and only twin sissy“, Klarissa, like never before! From the day that I was crowned, I have felt so much love and encouragement from her! She just took me, last week, to get my dress for speech night at nationals. She is going with me, as my helper, to the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. I can’t wait for that week of fun! I am so excited! Thank you for all of your support in everything that I do Klarissa! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Church Family Support

In order to get to all my speaking engagements and the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant, I have been doing a lot of fundraising. Thank you to everyone who has donated! It is greatly appreciated beyond what you could ever imagine! I would not be able to do it without you! Special thanks to my church family at Tacoma Christian Center! You all have helped me so much in every way! Thank you for supporting me and never leaving my side! Since joining this spirit filled chirch family, back in 2006, I have grown so much in my relationship with Christ, as well as my mental and phsical health. Thank you for everything Pastor Harris for leading and guiding me to a better life with my Lord Jesus Christ! There is truly no one eI love my church family so much! I don't know where I would be without you Tacoma Christian Center! I consider myself extremely blessed to have found you.

Walk N' Roll Update

The facts are in! The first annual Walk N’ Roll for the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State was an unbelievable success! As co-leader of the walk, a board member and the association’s secretary, I had many hopes and expectations for this event. Once the walk was finished, we had originally thought that we had raised just over $20,000, which would have been a terrific reward for everything that we all put into the event. Come to find out, we actually raised more than $30,000! Way to go everyone! That is so awesome! Thank you to everyone who helped make this great accomplishment possible! I am looking forward to next year’s walk. If anyone is interested in helping out with next year’s Walk N’ Roll for the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State, please send an email to sbaws@yahoo.com. Let’s do this again next year!

All American Girl Fundraiser

On May 12, 2010 I went to an All American Girl fundraiser for Sami Schubert. Just like I am working to raise money to get to my national competition to compete for Ms. Wheelchair America 2010, she is trying to raise money to get to her national competition to compete for All American Girl 2010. There was a Cookie Lee representative there selling jewelry to benefit Sami’s fundraising efforts. Everyone there had an awesome time! It was so much fun! I was able to get some great pieces of Cookie Lee jewelry to wear at my national competition! I want to say “thank you” to Beth , Sami’s mom, for not only inviting me to attend this fundraiser but helping me get there as well. Good luck Sami!

Traveling Challenges

My recent trip to California was not only for the Abilities Expo and Ms. Wheelchair California pageant but to visit my family and take some long needed time away with my boyfriend, Torrance. I had previously made arrangements for our flight, hotel and transportation for our 10 days of fun. We had many things planned all around Southern California. My brother generously offered to pick up our adapted rental van with hand controls and a ramp. I don’t drive, but my boyfriend is able to drive with hand controls. My brother picked up the van. Then my sister-on-law picked us up with the van from LAX. Turns out, the van that they had reserved for us did not have hand-controls or the removable seat we had previously requested. Before we went to the hotel, we called the dealership to see if there was anything we could work out in order for us to have our transportation as planned. They denied us a refund and said there was nothing they could do because all sales were final. We didn’t know what to do but we just wanted to get some rest after our flight. So we headed for the hotel.

As luck would have it, we looked at our room and it was not the accessible room that we had requested and reserved. We could not even fit into the door of the bathroom! We kept talking and realized the only accessible room they had was already taken. It would not be available for another four days. They tried to work with us the best that they could and offered us a bigger room for the same price. With the new room, we could at least get into the bathroom and use the toilet and sink, but the layout and size of the bathroom made it impossible for my boyfriend or myself to use the shower. At that point, there was nothing else left that we could do to better our situations. So we just accepted it and went to bed.

For four days we had to brainstorm ways to shower. Instead of having a van to enjoy our vacation time together, we had to find ways to get where we needed to go. I had responsibility to attend the Abilities Expo and Ms. Wheelchair California pageant. My boyfriend and I rolled through West L.A. for 45 minutes each way to get to and from the Expo. My brother drove on his days off from Whittier to Los Angeles to take us to the Expo. Then he traveled back to Santa Ana to take the van back that we could not use.

After Torrance and I met with Tammy (Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program Coordinator) and Meg (Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2008), we all got together to confront the company that wouldn’t give us a refund. After some explanation, we were completely reimbursed for the van within a couple of days. Even though we got our money back, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the complication from the van took away from our planned time away from home. We did end up getting into the only accessible room the hotel had eventually. We were rolling around to Mac Aurther Park, the Convention Center and the local stores. We took the bus to Disneyland and the Subway to Hollywood! So it was still a great time together!

A lot of the time, people don’t think about how “little” things like wider doorways and hand controls can change things. We got through it, but when it comes down to it, we really should not have had to go through it. There is no reason as to why a hotel cannot have more than one accessible room. Or for an accessible car dealership to have more than just one van with hand controls. The only reason why is because the law only requires that they have one van with hand controls and one accessible room. Why cant the country raise their standards? Why can’t businesses start thinking more about pleasing those with disabilities, rather than meeting the very least regulations required by the government in order for them to continue making their money?

It’s situations like the one that I recently experienced that make me so passionate about being an advocate for people with disabilities. Things will never change unless we get more people who are willing to stand up and say something about the challenges we face. What may be difficult for you, does not have to be the same way for the next person. So why not, not only stand up for your rights as an American, but help your fellow “high roller” to not have to face the same struggles that you have faced?


I was born and raised in Southern California. While attending Magnolia High School, the only other person who utilized a wheelchair on our campus was my friend, Cherry Isaac. I lived right across the street from my High School, so my twin sister and I walked together to school together every morning. We often times passed the apartment of my friend, Leticia Arellano. I talked to her only on occasions. I moved out of state my Junior year of High School. Last year I made myself an account on pushrim.com, which is a social network, just like myspace, but is aimed towards people with disabilities. Shortly after, I received a message from someone saying that they remember me from High School. It was Leticia! We got the chance to reconnect and catch up! Turns out, just a few months after I moved away from California, she was in a car accident and is now paralyzed from the waist down. I started telling her about the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles and the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant that I was planning on attending. She showed up to the Ms. Wheelchair California pageant with her boyfriend to check it out and hang out! It was so awesome to see her again! Me boyfriend, Torrance, and I got to hang out with Leticia and her boyfriend at the pageant and Abilities Expo. It was a day of catching up that I will never forget! Nice seeing you again Leticia!

Ms. Wheelchair California pageant

The Ms. Wheelchair California pageant was held at the west coast Abilities Expo in Los Angeles. As Ms. Wheelchair Washington, it was an honor, not only to attend but, to be a part of another state’s competition. There were so many incredible women working towards the title of Ms. Wheelchair California! Congratulations to Jennifer Kumiyama! The 2010 Ms. Wheelchair California! She is such an astonishing young woman representing my home state of California! It was a pleasure to be able to represent her with the same crown necklace which every Ms. Wheelchair Washington has also been presented with. I look forward to getting to know her better at the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant in Grand Rapids! You are one of a kind Jennifer! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Good luck at nationals!

L.A. Abilites Expo

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update. There was a strong representation of people with disabilities at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo! Tammy, Meg, CathyLee, Torrance and myself, all flew into California for this extraordinary event. It was my second year attending the Expo, yet there was still so much that I had not seen. It was a one of a kind opportunity to reconnect with all of my “high roller” friends from around the country! Some of the people I reconnected with include: Aaron Fotheringham, Christiaan Bailey, Erika Bogan, Rudy Fibres and Richard Bell! Thank you to all of the hard working people who are so dedicated to putting such a ground breaking event together every year for people with disabilities!

From the State Coordinator: What the Ms. Wheelchair Washington/America Program Means to me

What the Ms. Wheelchair America Program Means to Me:

In 2000, I was moving to Seattle from Miami, and I was researching disability organizations in Washington, and stumbled upon the Ms. Wheelchair America website. I saw that in 1996, Ms. Wheelchair Washington had gone on to become Ms. Wheelchair America, her name is Elaine Stefanowicz. I thought since I was moving to Washington, I would try and get in contact with her since I was moving to Seattle not knowing any other women in wheelchairs. In the last 17 years since I have been in a wheelchair, I have always found it so important to have women friends that are in wheelchairs, not only just for the camaraderie, but for support and friendship.

So after I got to Seattle, I tried to get in contact with Elaine, but I had the wrong contact information, and it wasn’t until 5 years later that our paths finally crossed. I was so excited to finally meet her in person because she was a Ms. Wheelchair America, and just reading about her she seemed like a great person. I happen to be at an event she was at and she was recruiting contestants for the 2006 Ms. Wheelchair Washington Pageant, and when she told me about it, I didn’t even hesitant, and said where do I sign up?

When it came time for the 2006 Ms. Wheelchair Washington pageant to happen, two other contestants dropped out at the last minute, so I had the option to enter as an Independent Delegate. Since the pageant got canceled, I decided to still apply as a Independent Delegate, knowing that the next year I would become the State Coordinator. I sent my application into the National Ms. Wheelchair America Program, along with letters of recommendation, and then I was accepted as the 2006 Ms. Wheelchair Washington. I spent my year focusing on the importance of volunteering, and traveling around Washington state doing appearances, and advocating on behalf of the people with disabilities in Washington. I met so many incredible people, made a lot of connections, and it was such an honor to be Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2006.

Although , I did not win the title of Ms. Wheelchair America that year, to me it was just an honor to have the experience of meeting such amazing women with disabilities from all over the country. The week that I spent at the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant, truly was one of the best weeks of my life. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and although the pageant at the State level was canceled, if it had not been canceled, then I would not have had to be an Independent Delegate, and I wouldn’t have gone on to become the State Coordinator for the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Pageant. So, as my year as the titleholder came to an end, I held my first state pageant. I was new to coordinating the event and recruiting contestants, but I pulled it off, and I handed the title over to Sigrid Laegried, who became Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2007.

Since then, I have successfully held 4 pageants, and each year recruited more and more contestants. Although, I know many women with disabilities in Washington State, all of the contestants who have been in the past 3 pageants I didn’t know many of these women personally. In the past four years, I have had the opportunity to meet more women in Washington State with disabilities by being the State Coordinator, and I have created friendships with all of the contestants. It has been such an honor to be able to meet these ladies that I maybe would have never have met and learn about them, and learn from them.

Each titleholder of the pageants have become great friends of mine, and even now the year I spent with Sigrid Laegreid (2007), Meg Paulsen (2008), Jannette Saxton (2009) and now Krystal Monteros (the 2010 Ms. Wheelchair Washington), I know these women are going to be life long friends. I really enjoy being a mentor to all of the Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s and I do whatever I can to assist them on their journey through their year. I feel truly blessed to be the State Coordinator and bring more awareness to the Ms. Wheelchair Washington program, as well as the Ms. Wheelchair America Program. I will always remember my year as Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2006, but I will never forget the incredible friendships I am making as the year's continue, and I plan on being the State Coordinator as long as possible.

The Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant to me, is actually more like a program to bring awareness not just to women with disabilities, but to all people with disabilities. It opens up a lot of doors for women with disabilities, and each contestant over the last 30 plus years, I am sure has benefited from being a Ms. Wheelchair for their state. I have been inspired by many of the contestants locally, and nationally, and I am excited to see what the future holds, because it is a world of opportunity for women in wheelchairs.

So to all of the Ms. Wheelchair Washington's: As each day goes on in my daily life and no matter how bad things may get, I think of all these wonderful women who have been brought into my life over the past 4 years and I am truly blessed!,

So thank you for being my sitting sista's

Your State Coordinator

intergrated wheelchair dance jam on April 29th - Wow what fun!

On April 29th, my friend Jenny and I bravely traveled by bus from Tacoma to Seattle beause we wanted to dance....

There is a intergrated wheelchair dance group founded by Charlene Curtis, called Light Motion.  They have been performing for 20 plus years all over the world.  My friend Jenny and I had wanted to attend one of their community dance jams for a while and when we went on April 29th, it was awesome!

I was dizzy by the end of the night, but to learn some new ways to dance and move in my wheelchair was great, plus it was just so much fun meeting some new people.

The State Coordindator, Tammy Wilber has danced with Light Motion in the past and was there and got some footage of me dancing. http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=390702509395&ref=mf

(Somehow Tammy took the footage and she is not sure why it is on her facebook page sideways) Anyway, enjoy!

I look foward to doing some more dancing in the future....

Oh and by the way, Light Motion dance group and Tammy will be performing at the Seattle Center House on May 4th at 7PM. This is in conjuction with an event dedicated to the arts of people with disabilities.

April 7th- TACID Fundraiser- Guest Speaker

On April 7th I was invited to attend the High Tea event at the Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities. It was such an uplifting experience! The number of people who are dedicated to helping the disabled community in their own ways was just phenomenal! The entertainment was great! I would be glad to attend any other event with this truly remarkable group of people. Thank you so much to everyone for making this event what it was and for inviting me to attend! I have to send a big “thank you” to Jannette Saxton for accompanying me to this night of fun! We had a wonderful time!

All Ms. Wheelchair Washingtons

Supporters of Ms. Wheelchair Washington and Friends

Don Stevenson- The Pacin’ Parson

Don Stevenson

The Pacin’ Parson

Auburn Washington’s Don Stevenson is at it again, walking over 300 miles to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in Ilwaco, WA and back to raise awareness for the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State. He is 74 and will be walking 30 miles a day!

Walking for others, to encourage and inspire.

You can support Don’s efforts by making a contribution to the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State
Online at www.firstgiving.com/sbaws. Or send a check noting “Walk to the Light” to:

Spina Bifida Association of Washington State
2128 N. Pines Road, Suite 17-3
Spokane, WA 99206

March 18 - April 5, 2010

Don was born in Columbus, Ohio on January 4th, 1936 in the middle of a snow storm. He was number four of eight children. He dropped out of high school to join the US Marine Corps in 1954.

After leaving the Marines in January, 1957 he completed 3 years of high school and 4 years of college in 4 years, receiving his high school diploma in 1959, and his Bachelor of Theology Degree (cum laude) in 1961.

Don lives in Auburn, WA. He is a Christian author, former school teacher, pastor, volunteer firefighter, and truck driver.

After 28 years of service with Darigold Inc. he retired in 1994 to devote his time to writing.

He and his lovely wife Loretta have been married since 1983. Don says of her, “She’s such a game soul and a real sport! I’m a hard man to love, but she makes it look so easy.”

Of his reason for walking, Don explains, “God has blessed me with good health, and out of gratitude I’ve tried sharing that blessing with those who are less fortunate. I'm a happy, wealthy man. I don't possess much of this world's goods, but I do possess that which money cannot purchase—Love, Joy, and Peace!”

• Don has jogged over 40,000 miles of walking for various charities since 1998.

• at age 62 (1998) he walked (3,000 miles) from Seattle to Portland, Maine for Alzheimer’s;

• at age 63 (1999) he walked (900 miles) to lighthouses in Washington State for Alzheimer’s;

• at age 64 (2000) he walked (4,000 miles) from Tijuana, Mexico to Anchorage, Alaska for Multiple Sclerosis;

• at age 65 (2001) he walked (3,000 miles) for Multiple Sclerosis from Seattle to New York City; at age 66 (2002) he walked 8,000 miles in Auburn, WA’s Game Farm Park for Multiple Sclerosis;

• at age 67 (2003) he walked a thousand miles over 12 of Washington State’s mountain highway passes for Alzheimer’s,

• at age 68 (2004) he hiked round trip from Auburn, WA (c200 miles) to Mt. Rainier for the Maria Federicci Trust Fund;

• at age 68 (2004) he climbed to the 12,300 foot level of Mt. Rainier for the American Lung Association.

• at age 68 (2004) he hiked 106 miles blindfolded across the Cascade Range for the Maria Federicci Trust Fund;

• at age 69 (2005) he hiked 1,750 miles to all the county seats in Washington State for Alzheimer’s;

• at age 70 (2006) he hiked 2,400 miles to all 88 counties of Ohio for the American Cancer Society.

• At age 71 (2007) he began a 13,000 mile walk for Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

• At age 72 (2008) he finished the 13,000 mile walk for the HDSA by walking from the Seattle Space Needle to New York City’s Empire State Building.

• At age 73 (2009) he walked 360 miles to raise awareness for the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State.

• At age 73 (2009). besides giving moral support for Make A Wish Foundation, He walked 280 miles from Cleveland, Ohio to Cincinnati for Special Needs Kids of the Special Olympics Organization.

Abilities Expo Newsletter

February 2010

Abilities Buzz

Dear Buzz Subscriber:

Abilities Expo Los Angeles is coming up fast on April 9-11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check out www.abilitiesexpo.com for all of the details. Don't forget to forward this e-newsletter to your family, friends and colleagues.
Email us at klara@abilitiesexpo.com if you have any questions relating to disabilities. We will address all of your questions and will post some answers in future issues of the Buzz.

Abilities Expo Extreme!

If you were hoping for a low-key trade show that would lull you peacefully to sleep, you may want to keep looking. On the other hand, if you want a high-energy expo that not only demonstrates "the extreme" but actually makes you a part of it, then pull out your calendar (or calendar app) and block out April 9-11, 2010. Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Abilities Expo helps attendees with disabilities take what they thought were their limitations and leave them in the dust. With the help of three extraordinary wheelchair athletes-Mark Wellman with his adaptive climbing wall, Aaron Fotheringham with his wheelchair stunts and Trevor Snowden with his wheelchair obstacle course-visitors will experience extreme sports and redefine their ideas about what they can accomplish. Adaptive Climbing Wall Picture 25 feet of artificial rock that can be scaled by anyone , regardless of their level of ability. All that is necessary is the desire to make
the ascent. Mark Wellman, expert mountaineer and founder of No Limits, will take care of the rest. ( read on )

Feature Product Spotlight: FreeWheel TM Wheelchair Attachment
FreeWheel TM Wheelchair Attachment will exhibit at the Los Angeles and New York Metro Abilities Expos on April 9-11 and May 21-23, 2010, respectively. With the right equipment, challenging terrain doesn't have to be an obstacle. Both simple and ingenious, the FreeWheel TM Wheelchair Attachment allows wheelchair users to traverse surfaces that would normally be impossible. A single wheel that easily clamps onto the footrest of almost any wheelchair, the design literally lifts the front casters off the ground and allows an individual greater stability in negotiating curbs, grass, snow, rough roads, uneven ground and more. This adaptive device was the brainchild of Pat Dougherty, a C6-7 quad from Boise, Idaho who was injured in a Motorcross accident in 2003. "I was frustrated at how difficult it was to get around," said Dougherty, proving once again that necessity is the mother of invention. "I knew there had to be a better way." ( read on )

Feature Last Chance: Take This Survey & Tell Us How You Feel! It's your life, and it's your assistive technology: Here's your chance to tell us how you feel! If you or a member of your household uses wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, standing frames, etc., we need your opinions. Mobility Management, an industry publication for mobility professionals including occupational and physical therapists, is taking a survey of consumers who use mobility-related assistive technology. Your answers can help the health-care industry to better understand and respond to your concerns, needs and wishes. It's your right to be heard! The survey should take just a few minutes to complete, but your opinions can help to shape the future of assistive technology. Speak up, speak out...and watch what can happen!

Do You Get UTIs? By Anthony R. Orefice III
Anthony is a Los Angeles Abilities Expo Ambassador , an antrepreneur and the owner of Wheelie Distribution.
Hello, my name is Anthony and I am a T4, T5, T6 paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident 16 years ago. I learned many tricks from other people with spinal cord injuries throughout the years. I would like to share one with you that has made a huge difference in my life. I fought urinary tract infections (UTIs) all the time. I was using sterile catheters and taking cranberry pills. About five years ago at a spinal cord meeting, a quadriplegic shared with us a product that he found that made his life of battling UTIs a thing of the past. It was a natural sugar that is extracted from cranberries and pineapples, a product is called D-mannose. ( read on )

Letter to the Editor So Much to Do, So Little Time!
Q: I'm coming to Abilities Expo Los Angeles in April and am really looking forward to seeing all the new products. Anything else I should plan for?
A: Absolutely! While it is true that people depend on Abilities Expo for solutions through the latest technologies, products, services and resources, they have also come to expect more. They want to gain more knowledge and insights about pressing disability issues, they want to get involved, they want try new things and they want to have a little fun. Abilities Expo delivers on all counts through a host of events, activities and workshops right on the show floor! Here's what's on tap for LA: ( read on )

PepsiCo's "Bob's House" Breaks New Ground in Inclusive Advertising

Amidst the sound and fury of the much-anticipated Superbowl Sunday commercials, one stood out for its uncharacteristic silence and the strength of its underlying message. "We live in a hearing world, where deaf people have to operate within that hearing world," said Sheri Christianson, PepsiCo employee. "In this ad, what we've done is kind of reverse the roles. It's a deaf world and we've included the hearing world." In its Superbowl Sunday broadcast debut, "Bob's House" capitalizes on a popular joke within the deaf community. It depicts two deaf men on their way to a Superbowl party who drive up to a dark street only to realize they have no idea which is the right house. Their solution is to lay on the horn as drive slowly down the street. The house that does not light up belongs to their friend, Bob, who is also deaf. ( View the commercial. ) ( read on )

Proposals for Spina Bifida Association's 2010 Young Investigator Awards

Launched in 2005, Spina Bifida Association's (SBA) Young Investigator Awards research program is unique in that it fosters scientists who are early in their careers and who will dedicate their skill and expertise to improving the lives of those with Spina Bifida. The purpose of the awards is to provide either initial or continuing financial support to a newly-independent investigator in an established research program. The research to be conducted by the fellow may be basic or clinical research but must be relevant to Spina Bifida.

This year SBA and Spina Bifida Foundation (SBF) are pleased to announce the continued availability of funding for research through this program. The 2010 Young Investigator Awards will be providing up to three fellowships. They are:

* The Ashley Rose Advancement in Research Award  will provide up to $50,000. The Ashley Rose Foundation was established by Raymond and Linda Pitek in 1997 in honor of their baby, Ashley Rose. Areas of particular interest are epidemiology and causes of miscarriage related to neural tube defects, although other related research is welcome.

* The Tethered Cord Research Award provides up to $40,000. Areas of particular interest are Tethered Cord Syndrome and related clinical and scientific areas.

* The Schneider Charitable Trust Award for $25,000 was established by Hollister, Incorporated in 2008. Areas of particular interest are continence and related clinical and scientific areas.

Project length: One year

Deadline: All proposals are due before 9:00 pm EDT on Monday, May 10, 2010.

Additional Information: For detailed proposal requirements and more specific information on each award please visit SBA's online Research Center at www.spinabifidaassociation.org. You may also email Joe Giffels, Research Director at jgiffels@sbaa.org.

Robin Austin
Communications Specialist
Spina Bifida Association
4590 MacArthur Blvd. NW
Suite 250
Washington, DC 20007
202-944-3285 ext. 29
800-621-3141 ext. 29
Fax: 202-944-3295

Krystal Speaks at her college

On March 31, 2010 I was a part of the Multicultural Advisory Council meeting held on the Tacoma Community College campus. It was a great honor to have been invited to be with such a prestigious group of people working together to better assist the diverse people within the city of Tacoma. Everyone from Tacoma Community College employees to program directors and speakers from the Tacoma Area Coalition for Individuals with Disabilities to Pacific Lutheran University board members were in attendance. As a student on the TCC campus, I would have never thought I would have the chance to speak in front of such a driven group of people with the same focus of bringing all parts of the community together. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in getting me to this event.

Thank you for the Support- We had an awesome Walk N Roll

As a board member for the Spina Bifida Association of Washington State, I took on the role as Co-Leader for our 1st annual Walk N’ Roll. It was held March 20, 2010. I am happy to report that it was a success! A large group of people showed up to participate. There were so many little wheelers there to learn more about other kids like themselves and more important, to have fun! Aaron Fotheringham demonstrated his skills in breaking the boundries of people with Spina Bifida through “Hardcore Sitting”. He brings truth to the idea that there are no limits except for those that we place on ourselves and that we allow others to place upon us. I had such a blast being able to talk one on one with all the wonderful children with disabilties! And I must give a big “Thank You!” to all the previous Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s who came out to show their support! I look forward to doing it all over again next year!

Ms. Wheelchair Washingtons off to the Abilties Expo

I am so excited that 3 Ms Wheelchair WAshingtons are coming to the Abilities Expo. I know you are holding your pageant there and we would love to help with it!!! Krystal Monteros 2010 MS Wheelchair WA is coming and myself and Meg Paulsen 2008 MS Whelchair WA. Although our titleholder are competing for the title of Ms Wheelchair America we are all still a wondeful group of women who do this for the same reasons and that is fo adovacy and awareness etc....So I hope you would be excited to have us as guest or speakers or greeters or volunteers. So Let us know how we can help Ms Wheelchair CA 2010 be great with love and support from Your Washington sisters!!!