2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Pierce College

I had the amazing privileged to speak as Ms. Wheelchair America to the international students at Pierce College. The program for international students at Pierce College is quite profound. Students from developing countries are given scholarships to come to America and build a positive relationship between countries. There were 16 students that I spoke to from Indonesia, Pakistan, India, West Africa,and South Africa. I will never forget my time with these students! It was powerful! I shared my story, both the privileges I have as an American with a disability and the struggles I have faced and overcome through my faith, friends and encouragement. Then I opened up a group discussion about the struggles they are seeing in their own countries and what they are wanting to bring back to their countries from their time at Pierce College. The dialog that began was magical! The students began talking about social issues, economic issues, and human rights issues and how they could provide a solution. The most precious moment in the group dialog was when the students began to see the human right issues for people with disabilities worldwide and that they could provide help, support and awareness for them. I was beaming with pride and I believe in that classroom with 16 international students, that world change erupted!!

Center of Independence

Last week I was a guest speaker for a conference being held at the Center of Independence in Lakewood, WA. The conference was for youth with disabilities transitioning into independence. There were about 20 youth present at a conference table, so I made the presentation like an intimate conversation, rather than talking at them. I shared my own struggles with my disabilities and the barriers of acceptance, employment, and resources that I have faced. I also shared my victories and successes. I implored all of them that they all have dreams and talents and as they take their talents boldly into the world, it opens the doors to their dreams. One topic that came up in the group discussion was their own fear of showing their talents to the world. I encouraged them that if they take a leap of faith and try even though they are scared, that great things will happen for them and they will be successful. My time with the youth was mutually inspiring!

Ms. Wheelchair Washington Fundraiser!!!

Please come and support Jennifer Adams as she embarks on a wonderful journey this year as Ms. Wheelchair America! At this fundraising event there will be dinner, entertainment provided by Ms. Wheelchair America, and a silent and live auction. It will be great fun!!!
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