2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Jeremiah Gibbs Fundraiser

I had a magical day at the fundraiser for Jeremiah! He is 3 1/2 years old and was born with limb deficiencies. His Mom and several women planned an extravagant day of talent, pageant princesses, clowns, singers, dancers, and an auction to raise funds for his needs. I went as Ms. Wheelchair Washington and had the privilege of being the Mistress of Ceremonies. The purpose of this fundraiser was so close to my heart that I had to choke back tears at times as I shared my story and sang songs from the heart. The day was filled with the light of positive, good people, gathering for a common cause. Jeremiah wins the hearts of all who meet him. He is so amazing and I’m honored that I got to be part of his world for a day!

Lowell Elementary

I was invited to come speak at Lowell Elementary School and share my “Power of Words” message. This was by favorite elementary schools presentation to date! I can attribute the event going smoothly to a well prepared staff. The staff had prepared the students and the staff for the anti-bullying message. I presented twice, one for the Kindergarten through second graders, then again to the 3rd through 5th graders. Both groups responded so positively to the message of “The Power of Words.” I am learning the power of vulnerability in sharing my story, so I shared my experience with looking different, my up bringing, being teased, and the amazing power that came to heal through positive words and support. I especially loved that after each presentation I would have a gaggle of kids surrounding me asking inquisitive questions. The message came alive in them right away. After my presentation I had kids saying, “You’re really amazing,” “You’re pretty,” “I like your singing.” When I left I felt like I was flying!

Seattle Adaptive Sports Fundraiser

This event was just pure fun!! It was a fundraiser for Seattle Adaptive Sports. There was an auction and a basket ball game between local students and the Seattle Sonics Wheelchair Basketball team. Of course the Sonics totally creamed the local students ;) I sang the national anthem for the game and got to meet and inspire guests to give to a worthy cause.

Eatonville High School

Disability Awareness Day happens every spring at Eatonville High School. I spoke for this event last year, being there for a second time was incredible! More so because I could see how far I have come from the last time I spoke there last year. I was there for the whole school day. For the large assemble I spoke on “Creating and Environment of Vision.” I am learning the power of vulnerability, so I shared my personal experience of reaching my goals as a motivational speaker through positive words and support from friends and family. I implored them that they too could help each other reach there dreams and discover their purpose through positive words and actions. I also sang an original song that was inspired by the students and their hearts to be excellent in diversity awareness. Then I went into 6 different classrooms and shared my story in a small group setting. I split the students up into small groups and asked inquisitive questions about their perception of disabilities and how to respond to people who are disabled. The small groups were so amazing and the students really responded to the questions and peer interactions positively. I also had the privilege of meeting with the Teaching Academy students who’s sole purpose in meeting is to prepare for a future working in education. We had an amazing conversation about incorporating the inclusion model of education into their visions. I also visited the special education classroom. I came away from the day with a greater resolve to advocate for the inclusion model of education, which would include students with disabilities in the classroom with mainstream students through support from staff and peers.

Ravishing Women's Conference

I had the amazing privilege of going to the 2013 Ravishing Women’s Conference in Bellevue Washington this past weekend. It was put on by the Indian community of Bellevue to recognize women who came from struggles to success. The conference also raised awareness about human trafficking. There was a fashion show and a beauty pageant. It was a glamorous, dazzling and inspiring event. I also had the opportunity to meet a women who is passionate about integrated dance for youth with disabilities. We will be joining forces to get the integrated arts program in Tacoma off the ground. Below is the video of me singing a song for the crowning ceremony of the beauty pageant. I wrote this song just for the occasion.