2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Olympic Elementary

I had the wonderful honor of a homecoming appearance as Ms. Wheelchair America in my hometown, Chehalis Washington. I shared a “Power of Words” presentation at my elementary Alma Mater Olympic Elementary. It was so surreal to be back in the hallways of my childhood. The assemble went amazing!!!! The kids were open and energized. The local Chronicle covered the story of my homecoming. It was inspiring for me to see how far I have come in achieving my dreams. I also got to see the kids of my childhood friends, also a very surreal moment.

Alabama and Tenessee

My tour as Ms. Wheelchair America brought me to Huntsville, Alabama and Chattanooga Tennessee. Ms. Wheelchair Alabama, Paula Montgomery and Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee, Bliss Welch hosted me on this amazing adventure.
BLISS AND Ipaula and I
The adventure started at the Mckinny Center in Huntsville Alabama, which is an employment center for people with disabilities. I was so overwhelmed with love from the clients of the employment center.
Mkinny Center

Next I spoke to a similar center called the Lowe Center.
lowe center
Then I spoke at Lee High School which was a great school. The students were very mature and responsive! The local news stations also covered my appearance.
lee high school

The next day I traveled in a Wheelchair Access taxi to Chattanooga Tennessee which was a 2 hour drive one way. So worth it though!!! I spoke to 1,000 Middle Schoolers at a local school. They were such a great audience!!! So lively! I was exhausted but they lifted me up. I call it crowd surfing when the crowd has so much energy that it lifts you up like a surfer on a wave.
East Hamilton
I finished the Alabama tour at the Abilities Ball. I felt so beautiful in my silver dress!! I was the keynote speaker at this ball for people with disabilities and their families. What an honor!!! Then of course I danced the night away :)
abilities ball

I’m thankful for my friend Carmen who traveled with me and took pics and helped me!

Salt Lake City

I was hosted as Ms.Wheelchair America in Ogden Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. I was only there for 48 hours, but it was a fun, action packed 48 hours. For starters I stayed in a quaint hotel, but it had a beautiful Koi pond behind it! That provided a place for relaxation and enjoyment. I also made a new and wonderful friend Former Ms. Wheelchair Utah 2012 Keli Babcock. She is a kindred spirit, and one of the leaders of the Roads to Independence Center in Ogden, UT. I had the wonderful privileged of sharing my story and platform with the clients of the Independence Center.I spoke to 3 different groups in one day. It was a whirlwind of making new friends, connections and inspiring people with disabilities to live life to the fullest!

White River High School

As Ms Wheelchair America I was invited as a guest speaker to White River High School in Buckley Washington. As a kid I use to go camping along White River all the time. This felt like destiny, full circle. I felt so honored by the staff and students for when I arrived they had a literal red carpet laid out for me!! The audience was a mixture of ages from Kindergarten to 12th grade, which was really fun!!! I shared my story and platform “Inclusion Revolution” with young and old, big and small. Then I did a question and answer time. I was thrilled at the demonstration of understanding each age group showed. I had a blast with the students as I was filled with joy at their positive feedback and honoring response.


I had an amazing trip as Ms. Wheelchair America to Boise, Id. I was there for four days. The first day I made an appearance to a kindergarten class. So fun!!!! Then my hostess took me to the Idaho Botanical Gardens, beautiful. The second day I spoke to a support group for parents with children with disabilities, which was a great treat because I really have a passion to speak to this audience because of my own story. As I spoke to them, my heart was so overwhelmed with emotion that I teared up. As I connected with the families there was such a beautiful exchange. The third day I danced with an Integrated Dance group called Open Arms. The dance group has members who are both disabled and able bodied. I had the privilege of collaborating with the dance director in choreographing a dance. This dance group really touched my heart. Part of my “Inclusion Revolution” platform is to advocate for people with disabilities in the performing art, so this event really opened the doors to furthering my platform.


My trip to Yakima was really fun!! I spoke at the Youth Prevention Summit, which is an annual event where about 600 youth gathered for 3 days to receive teaching, inspiration, and mentoring in suicide and drug prevention in Washington. I was the final keynote speaker, which was such an honor. The crowd was energized and it gave me wings.