2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Oct 4 Ms. Wheelchair Washington was given 2 coins when she met with the General

She receieved one coin from the General and one coin from the Col at Madigan.

Jannette says, “It was a pleasure to meet the LTC with the Wounded Warriors. He is an incomplete SCI and serves us proudly. THANK YOU!”

Report from Ms. Wheelchair WA, Jannette Saxton 10/2/2009
As part of Disability Awareness month I have been proud to take part in numerous events this October. The Wounded Warrior Battalion welcomed Brigadier General Munson as part of their Town Hall visit and meeting with Fort Lewis’ Soldier and Family Resource Center where wounded and their Families come to take part in the rehabilitation process and bond with one another. General Munson and Colonel Keller of Madigan Army Medical Center arrived to think the Wounded Warriors and their Families for their sacrifice at home and overseas.

I was honored to receive two recognition of excellence coins from the Colonel and Brigadier General who wished to acknowledge The Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s deep commitment to Veterans living with disabilities. I wish to take a moment to recognize the courage of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC), Danny Dudek, and the Wounded Warrior Battalion Commander for the installation. LTC Dudek has incomplete spinal cord injury and serves bravely alongside other Service Members who have experienced the impact of disability and the meaning of service to fellow man. It was a joy to meet a leader so passionate about the well-being of his Soldiers.

In my time as Ms. Wheelchair Washington I have continually expressed a deep to overflowing well of gratitude for those men and women who have and are currently served in the United States Armed Forces. I felt a deep sense of pride in my country as well as being a member of population that daily, optimistically overcome obstacles to make a difference and shine by example. I will treasure my coins always aware of the influence positive, compassionate and inspiring leadership can have on those on a magnificent journey of wellness.