2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Bates Technical College, Disability Awareness Day, Featuring Ms. Wheelchair Washington and Keynote speaker, Mark Wellman

Jannette enjoyed speaking at Bates.
“Thanks to the people from Seattle Adaptive Sports and Tacoma Metro Parks as well. Mark Wellman is amazing!”

Report from Ms. Wheelchair WA, Jannette Saxton 10/15/2009
I thoroughly enjoyed acting as the Master of Ceremonies for Bates Technical College’s, (Tacoma Campus), Disability Awareness Day. The key note speaker Mark Wellman sustained a spinal cord injury after falling during a rock climb. Mr. Wellman lives by and speaks to the philosophy of “No Limits.” He has made extraordinary efforts to include all individuals regardless of abilities or physical limitations in climbing and other execrating outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and biking. The audience watched a video that highlighted the artistry and beauty of disabled body border, a hang glider, para-sailor and a scuba who wildly pursued their passions. Mark spoke to the creation and use of specialized climbing gear for individuals unable to use their legs to climb. I was inspired by Mark’s focus and drive. His story was truly an encouragement to those who have wondered just what to do with those mountains in their way. After listening to Mark my advice is to simply start climbing and upon reaching the summit you may just find the victory has been in the brilliance of the journey. As you oversee the valley below; you may discover your struggles and triumphs have in fact blazed a unique trial of accomplishment for those coming after you looking to conquer their fears and live in victory; using what was met to hinder you for the good and benefit of your community.
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