2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

November: Logan Magazine Feature:

Over the summer Jannette, myself (Tammy Wilber) and Logan Olsen, Founder and CEO of Logan magazine had a chance to have lunch at Nordstrom Café in Spokane, WA. Logan created a magazine a few years ago after she sustained a brain injury at 16 years old.

The mission of Logan Magazine is to inspire, encourage, and inform young people with disabilities about how to lead a lifestyle that is productive, purposeful and pleasurable. Their goal is to motivate young people to live, work, play, dream big and look great experience all life has to offer.
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Logan magazine and the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program has a lot of the same values and that is to encourage people with disabilities in Washington and nationally, to
“Live life to the fullest, despite whatever challenges we all have and to make dreams come true!”