2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini


This past weekend I went to the Seattle area to attend The Ravishing Women Show with Ms. Wheelchair America Jennifer Adams!! WOW!! The Ravishing Women show was SO Beautiful!!! There were so many Fantastic people, food, vendors selling things like jewelry and clothing and more, plus a couple of people doing Henna which I unfortunately did not get the chance to have done. EVERY TIME I got to a place where there is Henna I have to get it done because I love it so much. Henna is definitely an art form being so intricate and detailed in the designs. I’ve always been quite fascinated with different cultures from around the world so this even was extremely exciting for. The people I met at the Ravishing Women Show we so very kind, generous, helpful and just all around lovely, lovely people. All the women participating in the Miss/Mrs. India Washington Pageant looked so breathtakingly gorgeous in their traditional clothing and makeup. The talent portion of the pageant was a lot of fun to watch even though I only saw a very small portion of it because I was helping Jenny at her table. The dancers were incredible; the singers were beautiful and unique, Jenny even performed a dance to a song called “Walk On Water” which everyone loved!! Unfortunately I did not get to see
her dance but I am sure there will be many more opportunities to see her dance.

The hotel I stayed at was the Silver Cloud Hotel in Redmond, WA and I have to say they were truly a fantastic group of people who work there!!! My room was very spacious and completely wheelchair accessible, I Highly recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone in a wheelchair. Their laundry facilities at the hotel I did need a little help with because they had font loader dryers but top loader washers, however the staff were more than happy to help. The complimentary breakfast was the same situation as far as needing help.

Back to the Ravishing Women Show, Jenny and I met a lot of really amazing people including Mrs. Tacoma and Mrs. Washington!! Both Jenny and I were honored on stage at different times during the show with a Ravishing Women trophy!! I also got to crown the new Miss. India Washington, Angela Goraphy, which was quite an honor to say the least. I know Angela will be fantastic and I wish her the best of luck with everything!! I will most definitely come to this show in the future even if I don’t do anything but buy, eat and watch the show and I think you should too!! 

Oh my goodness!! I forgot to mention that I also was asked to help out with applying makeup to some of the ladies!!! Lots and lots of fun on Sunday despite getting their a little late. Even though I was a little late to arrive I did have Very good luck with getting wheelchair accessible cabs in a timely manner. Meaning I did Not have to wait even an hour or more for a cab!!!