2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s May Birthday Celebration Held on May 16th

It has been a strange coincidence that all 4 Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s from 2006 to 2009, all have May birthdays. This also includes Elaine Stefanowicz, who was Ms. Wheelchair Washington in 1996, who then went on to become Ms. Wheelchair America in 1997. If anyone is interested in applying to be a contestant in the 2010 Ms. Wheelchair Washington Pageant, and you were not born in May, don’t let this scare you off- anyone can apply, as I said before just a coincidence
We had a great day on Saturday May 16th! We started the day off with a reporter from the West Seattle Herald, come and interview us all (link to article to below), then we had, Vivian Bell a wonderful Mary Kay Consultant come and give up facials and beauty tips!!

The weather was great, we were all dressed to our best, and it was the one day that I told all the former Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s to break out their sashes and crown’s and for one day only- we were all just Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s celebrating our birthdays, our accomplishments and our lives. We were blessed with amazing weather, and it was a hectic afternoon, but so nice to have all Ms. Wheelchair Washington’s get together to share our stories of going to the National Competition, and give advice to Jannette, Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2009. After we had our afternoon of beauty, our local news station, King 5 showed up and took footage of us blowing out the candles on our birthday cake, and it aired that night!! We were so excited that the media came out to help cover our celebration, and help promote the Ms. Wheelchair Washington Program. (I don’t have an online video link to the news report)
I would like to thank my mom Sharry for all her help to make our celebration possible! She catered the get together, helped all of us girls with hair, make-up and primping to put on our sashes and crowns to be ready when the media arrived! Thank you mom!!

Ms. Wheelchair Washington May Birthdays:
Elaine Stefanowicz (1996) – May 5th
Tammy Wilber (2006)- May 7th
Sigrid Laegreid (2007)- May 8th
Meg Paulsen (2008) – May 1st
Jannette Saxton (2009) – May 21st