2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington

2016 Ms. Wheelchair Washington
Nicole Martini

Article published by Meg Paulsen in NRRTS Directions

When Meg traveled to Capitol Hill back in April with TiLite she was asked to write an article for a magazine called NRRTS Directions.

HERE IS THE WEBSITE LINK TO READ MEG'S ARTICLE TITLED: LIFE ON WHEELS - DID I GIVE YOU A STARTLE?" http://www.nrrts.org/Directions/directions%20vol%203%202008.pdf (The article is on page 8 – 10 and and then there are more photos of her on page 19 and 21)
ABOUT THE MAGAZINE DIRECTIONS: This magazine called Directions is the official magazine of the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers. The publication is mailed out five times annually and reaches more than 2000 industry professionals, including over 800 skilled, influential and rehab-focused Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
To find out more about this publication or to learn about NRRTS (the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers) you can visit their website at: http://www.nrrts.org/